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HEXIS fuel cell systems combine cutting edge technology
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Natural gas and fuel cells: An excellent CO2 balance


The generation of electricity and heat using fuel cells powered by natural gas – when combined with the co-generation of heat and power – produces the lowest CO2 emissions in comparison to established forms of heating based on other fossil fuels. Natural gas is already an energy source that plays an important role in efforts to protect the climate. Fuel cells are more efficient than other available technologies and help to additionally reduce CO2 emissions.


The report on "Advancing Europe's Energy Systems: Stationary Fuel Cells in Distributed Generation" carried out by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking and mandated by the European Union in March 2015, highlights the outstanding CO2 advantages that fuel cells have compared to conventional heating technology. This confirms the significant advantages of using fuel cells for combined heat/electrical power co-generation facilities, because of the reduced carbon dioxide emissions compared with other technologies.


Fuel cell technology powered by natural gas is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of generating energy from fossil fuels. When supplying heat and electricity to a single-family house or small apartment building using a fuel cell heater, up to 50% less carbon dioxide emissions are produced compared to a gas-condensing boiler and electricity from the grid.

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