Intelligent Heat.
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HEXIS fuel cell systems combine cutting edge technology
with environmentally-friendly efficiency (A++). 

Progressive development into a leading company for fuel cell technology 



Researchers and developers of Sulzer AG initiate the «HEXIS» project (Heat Exchanger Integrated Stack).



Sulzer Hexis AG was founded as a venture division of the Group based on the business idea of «HEXIS». In the subsequent years, development engineers and material scientists make great advances in material development, process control and system integration.



Hexis AG, which is still a venture division of the Sulzer Group, receives the f-cell Gold Award for developing the «Galileo 1000 N» fuel cell heater.  This innovation award honours outstanding, application-related developments in the field of fuel cells. The «Galileo 1000 N» is CE-certified in the same year.



In January, the company becomes independent and begins operating under the name HEXIS AG. The investor, the foundation for art, culture and history from Winterthur, secures the long-term continuation of research and development.
In the same year, HEXIS initiates the «Swiss SOFC Consortium» fuel cell network in which scientists from various Swiss universities and companies work on advancing the SOFC. In the meantime, HEXIS has become one of the leading companies worldwide for fuel cell technology.



Since the onset of 2007, the «Galileo 1000 N» fuel cell heater, which was developed by the HEXIS team, has been tested under realistic conditions in collaboration with its partners from the power supply industry.
A subsidiary, HEXIS GmbH, is founded in the spring in Constance, Germany in view of the most important European market for micro combined heat and power plants.



HEXIS is invited by the German fuel cell sector to participate in a practical test for fuel cells in a domestic setting, which is also referred to as callux. The objective of this project, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development and NOW GmbH, the German National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association as part of the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, is to prepare for the market entry of natural gas-operated fuel cell heaters.
Callux begins in the autumn of 2008. In December, HEXIS forges a sales and service partnership with the two heating technology manufacturers Hoval Aktiengesellschaft in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and Stiebel Eltron GmbH & Co. KG in Holzminden (Germany).



HEXIS passes the first assessment in callux. Device specifications and field test experience meet the agreed expectations. 



HEXIS and Empa in Dübendorf (Switzerland) forge a strategic partnership in research and development. Empa is an interdisciplinary research and service institution for material sciences and technological development within the ETH domain to which the Swiss federal universities and application-related research institutions belong.



Major progress made in the reliability and service life of the Galileo fuel cell system was confirmed through extensive tests and practical applications as well as by passing the second assessment in callux. Vau3, the third generation «Galileo 1000 N», is introduced in the spring.
HEXIS announces its in the middle of 2013 market entry tailored towards end customers. The company presents this marketing objective in an initial step by overhauling the company's image, which leads to a new corporate design in the autumn.



HEXIS starts as one of the first companies in Europe market entry with the fuell cell system Galileo 1000 N.



After Viessmann had already acquired 50 percent of HEXIS from the "Winterthur Foundation for Art, Culture and History" in 2012, now the remaining 50 percent have followed successfully. Thereby the Viessmann Group gives a clear commitement to the high-efficient and low-carbon emitting fuel-cell technology of HEXIS.


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