Intelligent Heat.
Clean Electricity.

HEXIS fuel cell systems combine cutting edge technology
with environmentally-friendly efficiency (A++). 

Range of use for fuel cell technology 


Combined heat and power (CHP), also referred to as cogeneration, is characterised by the simultaneous generation of mechanical and thermal energy. Here, the mechanical energy is converted into electrical power, while thermal energy is used entirely as waste heat to generate space heating and hot water. For example, this can take place in micro CHP plants, in other words, small power stations with an electrical output of less than 2 kW, which are installed and operated directly on-site. Fuel cells convert the chemical energy of a combustible gas directly into electricity and heat during an electrochemical process with considerably lower losses. As a result, the coupling effect provided through combined heat and power generation (simultaneous generation of electricity and heat) as well as its highly electrical efficiency are used during cogeneration with fuel cells.

The new development here is that unlike conventional heat generators, both heat and also electricity are produced. That is why the overall energy requirement of a building must always be taken into consideration when comparing systems.


Using a decentralised energy supply

A process that employs combined heat and power generation with fuel cells, can be used, e.g. in a house. Natural gas, biomethanol and at a later stage, storage gas are converted highly efficiently and there are no line or transmission losses. When separately generating electricity (central, fossil-fuelled power station) and heat (boiler), the overall efficiency is currently approximately 60%, since around 40% is discharged as waste heat losses into the environment. By contrast, with the HEXIS decentralised combined heat and power generation system that employs fuel cells, efficiency is increased to more than 90% and considerably less carbon dioxide is released. 


Comparison of centralised and decentralised supply of electricity and heat


HEXIS fuel cell heater can be easily used, since they can be conveniently incorporated in an existing central heating supply, the gas supply line, mains wiring and exhaust system. This does not alter the appearance of the building, the surrounding area nor the roof and does not require any additional space.

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